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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a powerful administration interface to deal with all realms of customer management. Some key points about the interface are detailed below. For more information, see Account Structure.

  • Licensee / master billing entity - the company that has licensed the software from Flexiant. This organisation also has access to the hardware management tabs on the admin page. For more information, see Hardware Management.
  • Billing entity - if permitted by the licensee, billing entities can use the admin page to manage customer accounts without requiring the licensee's intervention.

The Admin page is subdivided into tabs. These can be customised in the normal way. For more information, see Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Tabs and Adding, Modifying, and Deleting Widgets. The default tab and widget layout is as follows:

CustomersDisplays widgets containing the customers and users currently active on the platform, as well as any customers whose accounts require manual approval before they become active. Customers should only require manual approval if you have disabled the Allow auto signup option in the Control Panel Options section when managing a billing entity. For more information, see Managing a Billing Entity.
All Resources

Displays widgets also available on the Resources page. For a list of these, see Creating and Managing Resources.

Actions such as starting or stopping a server, or attaching a disk to a server, cannot be performed using widgets on the Admin page. To perform these actions, use the appropriate widget on the Resources page.

ImagesDisplays the Images widget, which contains a list of all the images made available by billing entities on the platform, regardless of whether or not these have been shared. Admin-level users can share images with entire billing entities using the Images widget on this tab. For more information, see (Admin) Managing an Image.
BillingDisplays widgets containing paid and unpaid invoices.
PlatformDisplays widgets containing the billing entities, products, and product offers currently active on the platform.
PluginsDisplays widgets containing various FDL based extensions and plugins for Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. These include Configuration providers and other FDL code blocks.
ReportsDisplays various reports which detail platform usage. For more information about the available reports, see Reports Page.
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