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Admin users can log in as a user of another customer without knowing their username and password. This is useful for validation purposes and may assist with the diagnosis of user-reported issues. 

When assuming the identity of a customer, the user assumed will be the customer's admin user. This means that the branding displayed will be the branding that the customer's admin user sees. This will be the same as the branding the customer sees, except where the admin user assuming the customer's identity is an MBE admin and the customer's admin user is not. In this case the MBE's branding will be displayed.

To assume the identity of a customer:

  1. Log in as a user with the appropriate permissions. Administrator users of the master billing entity can assume the identity of any customer or user on the platform, whilst administrator users of billing entities can assume the identity of customers and users that are customers of the billing entity.
  2. Show the Admin page by clicking the Admin link in the page navigation menu. 

  3. Click on the Customers tab.

  4. On the Customers widget, click on the name of the customer you want to assume the identity of.

    The Manage Customer dialog is displayed. 


  5. Click the  button in the title bar.

  6. Select the Login to CP option from the menu.

    The customer's control panel is opened in a new tab.
  7. To stop assuming the customer's identity, click the X in the notification at the top of the page.


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