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Flexiant supply pre-written FDL code for several plugins. These allow you to define custom logic in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, and to integrate with various third party solutions without learning FDL. The pre-written FDL code blocks are available as .lua files (readable by most non-formatting text editors) from

Any FDL code must be signed (i.e. verified) by an admin user of the master billing entity before it can affect the operation of the platform.

To create a trigger using pre-written FDL:

  1. Show the admin page by clicking the Admin link in the page navigation menu.

  2. Click on the Plugins tab.

  3. Click the Create button on the FDL Code Blocks widget.

    The Create FDL Code Block dialog is displayed.

  4. Enter a name for the new FDL code block in the FDL Code Block Name text box.
  5. Download the required .lua file and open it using a non-formatting text editor.
  6. Use the Select All command to highlight the FDL code contained in the .lua file
  7. Copy and paste the FDL code into the Code section of the Create FDL Code Block dialog. Provided the FDL that you are copying is valid, you can overwrite the skeleton FDL code shown in the screenshot above.
  8. Click the  button.

    The FDL Code Block is saved and will become active once it is signed by an admin user of the master billing entity.
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