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Resources can be created and managed in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator using the appropriate Widget. The process depends on the resource you want to create or manage, and also on your page and widget layout. The following pages provide instructions on how to create and manage resources based on the default page and widget layout.

The widgets that allow you to create and manage resources are located on the resources page. To show the resources page, click the Resources link in the page navigation menu.

When you create or manage a resource, a request is issued for the action you have performed. Most resource requests are near instant, however Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator uses an asynchronous job system to ensure responsiveness. This may mean that you will occasionally see some jobs take a few seconds to create resources. The status of each job can be seen on the traffic light indicator below the page navigation menu.
The number of successfully completed jobs is shown by the green indicator, with the yellow indicator representing jobs currently in progress and the red indicator representing failed jobs. To view information about the jobs represented by each indicator, click on the traffic light indicator. To hide job information, click outside the window displaying the job information.
The following is a list of the different resources. See the relevant page for instructions on how to create and manage the resources.
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