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Before installing Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator you need to consider what engineering resources you require. The following is a list of some of the required tasks:

  • Physical Work (racking servers and installing cabling);
  • Software Installation of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator from a downloaded DVD;
  • Software Installation of NexentaStor (if using the KVM or Xen 4 hypervisors);
  • Installation of VMware and configuration of a VMware cluster (if using VMware);
  • Installation of Hyper-V and configuration of a Hyper-V cluster (if using Hyper-V); and
  • Network configuration, i.e. setting up various switches and routers.

It is a good idea to plan these things out in advance, particularly as some of these tasks may require time from other people within your organisation.

Physical Installation

We recommend that the first thing you do is rack all required equipment and make provisions for future expansion. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator minimises the amount of hardware required, but still requires engineer time to rack the servers, cable the network, and ensure the stack is ready for software installation. Depending on your installation size we suggest this will take around one engineer day.

Ensure you:

  • Have sufficient rack space;
  • Provide enough power capacity;
  • Take required cooling requirements into consideration;
  • Install enough switching capacity; and
  • Provide an uplink to your upstream router(s).


Remember, as the need for capacity increases so does the requirement for additional rack space, power, cabling, switch ports and cooling. These are worth considering before deploying Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator ready for production.

We recommend all hardware, including the SAN, is installed and network switches are configured before attempting an installation.

Installation from DVD

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can be installed from DVD. The installation process from our DVD takes around 15-30 minutes from start to end. The end result of this stage is to have a web accessible platform ready to configure your nodes, router and filer. 

The engineer will need to ensure they have the following:

  • An up-to-date copy of our installation ISO, burned to DVD or mounted via a remote access card, such as Dell's DRAC or HP's iLO interfaces (image available from our website:;
  • Website registration details, including username and password (to obtain these, create an account on our website);
  • A valid licence for your installation (when you create an account, you will be given a free licence, but for more complex or commercial deployments you will require a paid licence - contact our sales department if you are unsure); and
  • A management server with an Internet connection on which to install the software.

Before installing Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, it is essential to ensure that the management server that will run the software stack has a working Internet connection.

Providing the above preparation work has been completed, the rest of the installation does not take long. Once installed the server can be accessed remotely via HTTPS and SSH.

Network Configuration

Your network engineer should read our Network Requirements documentation before a Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator installation is preformed. This is available here.

Depending on the size of your installation, we estimate 1 network engineer day to complete the requirement work.

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