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The FDL Code Blocks widget allows you to add and modify blocks of Flexiant Development Language (FDL) code. Its default location is on the Plugins tab.

For information about Flexiant Development Language, see Flexiant Development Language.

Widget Layout

The FDL Code Blocks Widget can filter and show the following fields:

  • Name
  • State
  • Created Date

Adding and Editing FDL Code

New Flexiant Development Language code can be written and existing code edited by managing an FDL code block. New or edited code must be signed by a master billing entity admin to make it active. Once the code is active, it affects how the platform operates, including how the billing system works, and whether certain actions or events trigger (cause) other events.

To add or edit FDL code using the widget:

  1. Manage the required FDL code block by clicking on its name.

    The Manage FDL Code Block dialog is displayed. 

  2. Click on the Configuration sub-tab.
  3. If you are editing existing code, click the  button at the bottom of the Signed FDL tab. 

    The Unsigned tab is displayed.
  4. On the Unsigned tab, add or edit the code as required.

    To revert the code to its last saved state, click the  button.
    To discard all unsigned code, click the  button.

  5. Once you have finished, save the code by clicking the  button.

  6. The code must then be signed by a master billing entity admin, after which it becomes active. 
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