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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is hypervisor agnostic. This means that we deliver broadly the same features and functionality, with the same interface, regardless of the hypervisor in use underneath.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator currently supports the following hypervisors:


Virtuozzo (formerly PCS) allows support for container-based virtualisation and distributed storage. Containers differ from virtual machines in that they have no virtualised hardware of their own, instead running on a share of the host server's physical hardware. This potentially allows more containers to be created on each physical server. 

Xen 4

The popular open-source hypervisor that brought cloud to the masses. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator supports Xen 4.2. Support for Xen 3 has been discontinued.


The Red Hat owned but open-source hypervisor that is becoming increasingly popular with service providers.

VMware vSphere

Not strictly a hypervisor itself, but Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can automate and orchestrate vSphere, and thus its hypervisor VMware ESXi as well.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator supports version 5.0, 5.1, and 5.5 of vSphere.

Hyper-V 2012

The Hyper-V role within Windows Server 2012 Datacenter edition.

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