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For information on how Widgets work, please see Widgets


Widget Layout

Images are templates of either Disks (if the Hypervisor is KVM or Xen), or Servers (if the Hypervisor is VMware)

Each Image belongs to a specific VDC, but can be used in any VDC in the same Cluster


The Images Widget can be filtered by and show the following fields:

  • Name
  • UUID
  • Size
  • Type (Disk or Server)
  • VDC
  • Created Date
  • Base UUID


Widget Operations

From within the Image Widget you can perform the following operations on one or more Image at the same time:

  • Delete
  • Add to Favourites
You can also use the 'Create Image' button at any point to create a new Image, the 'Favourites' button to manage your favourites list, or the 'Manage' button to manage an individual Image. Doing so will bring up a new dialog window.








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