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If Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is used to orchestrate a VMware cluster which contains servers created within vSphere, the master billing entity can import single servers from this cluster into FCO. This allows billing entities to transition from a VMware orchestrated cluster to one orchestrated by FCO. Before this is done, ensure that the prerequisites of the process have been read and understood. For more information, see Prerequisites for importing VMs.

To import a server from vSphere:

  1. Show the Admin page by clicking the Admin link in the page navigation menu.
  2. Click on the Customers tab.
  3. On the Customers widget, click on the name of the customer you want to import a server for.

    The Manage Customer dialog is displayed.
  4. Click the  button in the title bar.
  5. Select the Import server from vSphere option from the menu.

    The Import Server wizard is displayed showing a list of the servers currently in vSphere.

    This list is not filtered by customer; you will be able to see servers that do not belong to the customer. Ensure that the correct server is imported.

  6. Click the  button for the server you want to import.
  7. If required, specify values for CPU and RAM for the imported version of the server. 

    Downgrading the amount of RAM or CPU assigned to a server will cost the customer less money, but may degrade server performance.

  8. Click the Next step button.

  9. If required, specify a disk size for the imported version of the server. 

    Do not downgrade the size of the disk as this risks loss of customer data.

  10. Click the Next step button.
  11. If required, edit the network for the imported version of the server and specify whether or not to automatically assign an IP address to the server's NIC. 

    Assigning an IP address that is already in use in FCO will cause the import to fail.

  12. Click the Next step button.
  13. Review the configuration for the imported version of the server.
  14. Indicate your satisfaction with the configuration that will be applied to the imported server by selecting the check boxes.

  15. Once you are confident that the imported version of the server will have a valid configuration, click the Import Server button.
  16. Indicate your acknowledgement of and assent to the warnings by selecting each check box.

  17. Click the  button to begin the import.
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