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Users in VMware clusters can install VMware tools using the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator UI, avoiding the need to log in to vSphere to do this. VMware tools improves guest OS performance and eliminates several issues relating to server management. Most notably, it allows Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to shut down a running server safely.

To install VMware tools using Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator:

  1. Show the Resources page by clicking the Resources link in the top right hand corner of the screen. 

  2. Set the OS type for the server so that vSphere knows which version of VMware tools to install. To do this:


    1. Click on the Images tab. 

      Setting the OS type on the image avoids having to set it for each server individually.

    2. Click on the name of the required image.

    3. Click on the Virtualisation sub-tab.
    4. Click the  button.
    5. Select the appropriate OS type from the OS Type drop down. 

    6. If required, the a change to be inherited by resources lower down the hierarchy by clicking the  button. For more information about the hierarchy, see Hypervisor specific settings.
    7. Click the  button to save your changes.
    8. Close the Manage Image dialog by clicking the  button.
  3. Install VMware tools on the server. To do this: 
    1. Click on the Servers tab.
    2. Click on the name of the server you want to install VMware tools on.
    3. Click the  button in the title bar.
    4. Select the Install VMware Tools option from the menu. 
    5. Click the  button to begin installation of VMware tools on the server.


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