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Interworking VLANs are industry standard 802.1q or 802.1q-in-q / 802.1ad VLAN technology orchestrated by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, and are dynamically mapped to virtual machines as required. This allows virtual machines to have direct access to external resources at layer 2 via an associated external VLAN.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator does not provide any of the following services for interworking VLANs as normal use cases dictate that these already exist:

  • IP Address Management
  • DHCP for IPv4 addresses
  • SLAAC (Stateless address autoconfiguration) for IPv6 addresses
  • External routing
  • Firewalling

To the extent these services are required, either the Licensee or (more normally) the end user must provide them themselves. 

As no routing is done by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, router nodes are unnecessary when using Interworking VLANs.

Typical use cases for an Interworking VLAN might be:

  • Providing connectivity between a customer's cloud based and dedicated servers;
  • Adding a hardware VPN access point to a group of cloud servers;
  • Gatewaying a VLAN into a customer's MPLS network; or
  • Providing connectivity between a customer's cloud based servers which are spread between two clusters.

Interworking VLANs are available with all hypervisors. For information on how to create an interworking VLAN, see Creating an Interworking VLAN.

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