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Your licence to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator permits you access to a limited number of CPU cores and clusters.

CPU Cores

CPU cores in use are counted as follows:

  • Only physical CPU cores are counted. Hyperthreading is ignored.
  • CPU cores are counted across all nodes that are running our software. This is nodes in:
    • Running state
    • Maintenance state
    • Any of the recovery states
  • CPU cores in nodes in error or stopped state are not counted.
  • CPU cores are counted in both compute and router nodes.
  • The number of CPU cores in each control plane machine may also be counted.

The number of CPU cores in each node is shown in the nodes widget on the Admin page.

If you attempt to add a node which would take you over your licensed limit, the system will refuse to add that node in. Please contact our sales department to upgrade your licence.

It is possible through deliberate manipulation of node states to get into a position where you have more CPU cores on nodes in running and maintenance states than your licence permits. If you achieve this, the system will put all nodes into maintenance state; this will not affect running VMs but will prevent you from starting new ones. You will be unable to put any nodes back into running state until you have either removed nodes from the system which take you above your licensed cores, or upgraded your licence.


Your licence will permit a fixed number of clusters. To install clusters beyond this number, please contact our sales department to upgrade your licence.