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Public VLANs are industry standard 802.1q or 802.1q-in-q / 802.1ad VLAN technology orchestrated by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, and are dynamically mapped to virtual machines as required. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides the following services:

  • IP Address Management
  • DHCP for IPv4 addresses
  • SLAAC (Stateless address autoconfiguration) for IPv6 addresses
  • External routing
  • Firewalling

In order to use Public VLAN mode, you must configure one or more routing nodes (managed by Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator). These act as an aggregator and termination point for the VLANs. The Licensee needs to route the required subnets to the routing node(s) accordingly. Instructions for configuring this can be found in Managing Routing Protocols.

Public VLAN mode is available with all hypervisors.

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