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If you have had reason to edit the configuration files, you will need to execute the following commands to apply any changes that you have made.

This may affect access to the platform while the changes are applied. We recommend that this operation is performed when the platform is not in use.

  • To rebuild the vars file: build-config
  • To copy the config to all other boxes, if using more than one server for the management stack: /opt/extility/config/ssh-copy-config
If you are using multiple servers we recommend you always edit the configuration file on the same server, to ensure good housekeeping.
This will automatically rebuilt all relevant configuration files for all Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator services taking into account any changes you will have made in the file.

Certain functions of build-config only run when it is run for the very first time, such as adding default database records.

build-config is designed to detect any errors in configuration files to ensure they do not get passed to any running service.  If an error is generated build-config will fail, and you should attempt to diagnose the error from the output provided.

Use the -a flag to restart all services.

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