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Should you need to rebuild your server, the following guide outlines how to ensure that the server's original IP address is used. This helps to ensure routing behaves in the same way for the rebuilt server as it did for the original server.

To retain your server's original IP address when rebuilding it:

  1. Ensure your original server (hereafter server1) has been backed up.
  2. Stop server1. To do this, click on the server status indicator and select Stop from the menu.

  3. Manage server1 and do the following:
    1. Click on the NICs sub-tab.
    2. Identify the NIC with the IP address you want to retain. The IP of a NIC is visible in the IPs column.

    3. Detach the NIC by clicking the button next to the required NIC.

  4. Create a new server (hereafter server2) from the required image. For more information, see Creating a Server.
  5. Before starting server2, manage it and attach the NIC you detached from server1:
    1. Click on the NICs sub-tab.
    2. Select the Attach existing NIC radio button.
    3. Select the required NIC.
    4. Click the button to add the NIC.
  6. Click the  button and drag the NIC detached from server1 to the top of the list of NICs for server2.
  7. Start server2. To do this, click on the server status indicator and select Start from the menu.

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