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The Reports page gives you access to a series of reports about the platform and its usage. Each of these reports has different ways of displaying the information and filtering. For details of how to generate reports, see Generating Reports.

Additional reports can be created using FDL. For more information, see FDL reports.

Adding reports

To add a report to the reports page, add the Report Charts widget and select the appropriate report. To do this:

  1. On the Reports page, click the Edit Menu/Page option in the tab menu.

  2. Click the Widget to page button. 

  3. Select the Report Charts widget.

    A list of available report methods you can use to generate the report is displayed. Any report methods you have added here will be listed. The name field in the report method entry point is used to identify each report. 

  4. If required, view the description of a report by moving the mouse cursor over the required report method.

  5. Click on the required report method.

    A report chart is added to the reports page based on the selected report method.

Using reports

Reports can be displayed in a variety of different formats, their data sources can be modified, and the data displayed can be downloaded as a CSV file. The following image shows how various actions can be performed on a report.

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