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Host translation

You may use NAT, firewalls or load balancers in front of, or (to an extent) between the various Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator services. However, where the DNS name used for a service does not match the IP address on which it is provided, you will need to use the /etc/extility/hosts.override file to help Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator's configuration system untangle the resultant configuration.

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator determines the IP addresses on which to run services using DNS. So, if you specify a config variable API_ENDPOINT_HOST as then Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator will look up in DNS and conclude it should listen on IP address This assumption is almost always correct. However, in some advanced configurations this assumption does not work.

For instance, consider the situation where the User API is provided at, but this service is provided behind a load balancer at, with the individual API hosts are numbered and Without further information, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has no way of knowing that it should listen on or rather than You can specify this manually by using the /etc/extility/hosts.override file, which overrides hosts lookup when building the apache configuration, and makes Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator listen on the specified IP address. The format is broadly the same as the /etc/hosts file. In this instance, the relevant entry would be as follows on the first host:

and as follows on the second host:

This file can also be used to managing control panels provided behind NAT devices, firewalls or load balancers. For more information, see IP, DNS and Port Management for Multiple Billing Entities.

Multiple instances of a component

Multiple instances of a component can be specified by providing a comma separated list of IP addresses for the following config entries in /etc/extility/local.cfg:


For the API service (Jade) you are likely to need to follow the hosts.override system above.

Multiple control panel hosts can be installed simply by installing multiple copies of the extility-skyline package. In this situation, it is likely that you will need to edit the hosts.override file located at /etc/extility/hosts.override. For more information, see IP, DNS and Port Management for Multiple Billing Entities.

Setting up load balanced and high availability environments is a complex task. You may wish to contact our professional services department for assistance.

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