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In order to use the dummy hypervisor feature, it must be enabled using the following steps:

  1. Log in to the console of the management server for your installation of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator.
  2. Edit /etc/extility/local.cfg and change the HYPERVISOR value to dummy.
  3. Once this has been done, you can change the amount of RAM and CPU cores that a node thinks it has. This is useful for simulating the performance of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator's provisioning, metering and billing functionality on nodes of varying specifications. To do this, add the following lines to the required /etc/extility/nodeconfig file:


    Where XXXXXXX is the amount, in bytes, of RAM to simulate, and Y is the number of CPU cores to simulate.

  4. Run the do-node-update command on the node to apply the configuration changes.

  5. Run the build-config command on the management server to activate the dummy hypervisor. 

    This may affect access to the platform while the changes are applied. We recommend that this operation is performed when the platform is not in use by customers.

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