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On platforms using VMware as the hypervisor, it is possible to virtualise the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator management server, thus avoiding the need for extra hardware. An example network layout for this configuration is shown below.

Network configuration


The following symbols are used in the network diagram:



Upstream router



ESXi host

Virtualised management server


Virtualised router node

vCenter server


VLAN numbers

Interface name

Installation instructions

To set up a virtualised management server, perform the following steps:

  1. In vSphere, create a virtual machine with the following settings: 

    We suggest running a virtualised management server on an ESXi host which is only running infrastructure VMs. This is so resources such as network bandwidth and CPU are not being shared with customer VMs.


    • Guest Operating System = ubuntu 64bit. 
    • RAM = at least 16GB.
    • CPUs = at least 2.
    • Hard Drive = 500GB. 
    • 2 x network adapters of type VMXNET3:
      • 1 for public access to the management server (eth0).

      • 1 for node management (eth1). This should be connected to the cluster control server's NETWORK_NODE_RANGE network.

  2. In vSphere, ensure the Forged Transmits setting is set to Accept in the security settings for the port group used for node management (eth1 in the example above). This is required for the router nodes to negotiate failover. 

  3. Install VMware tools following the instructions provided in VMware's public documentation. This can be found at
  4. Install Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator following the instructions appropriate to VMware. For more information, see Quick Start on VMware.
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