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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 5.0 introduces a new UI, several enhancements to FDL, and the ability to offer IOPS-limited storage product offers. For more information, see the sections below:

New UI

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator's UI has been rebuilt and offers increased speed, flexibility, and usability. For an overview of the changes and how to use the new UI, see UI Overview. Notably, it is now possible to create Themes, which are used to brand the control panel according to the requirements of billing entities. For more information, see Creating a theme.

There are also changes to how translations are handled, with these now being resources in their own right rather than an aspect of a billing entity. For more information, see Language Management.

Configuration providers

Configuration providers allow the master billing entity to define extra components for products. These allow resources in Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator to communicate with external services, provided these have APIs that are exposed and documented. An example would be offering a backup-as-a-service option via a custom server product. For more information, see Configuration providers.

FDL reports

Report methods can now be written in FDL. This allows the master billing entity to create their own report methods which can be used by billing entities to report on platform usage as required. For more information, see FDL reports.

Multi-tier storage

The master billing entity can offer disk-based products which are limited to a certain value of I/O operations per second (IOPS) or disk throughput. These can be used to create product offers which either restrict the speed of disks available, or offer higher speed disks. The values available for limitation depend on the hypervisor in use. For more information, see Multi-tier storage.

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