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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator version 6.0 upgrades the operating system to Ubuntu 16.04 and includes the following new features.

Multi-Factor Authentication

The end-users can now choose to enable Multi-Factor Authentication by either Email or an Authenticator app. This adds an extra layer of security for the control panel to keep their accounts secure. You can read about administrating from Multi-Factor Authentication Administration and configuration from Multi-Factor Authentication

Cost Prediction Feature

You can configure your platform to show a summary of the predicted cost a VM or Blueprint will cost over a month. The configuration steps for a platform admin are found at Cost Prediction How-to - Admin and the usage under a customer can be found at Cost Prediction How-to - Customer

Monthly Invoice Summary

You can add the "Monthly unit transactions" widget to the Admin panel. This allows you to get a summary or a detailed report that will show you the units used, over any month, for any customer.

Release Notes

You can find the release notes at FCO 6.0.2 Release Notes - 29 November 2022

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