This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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 Jade's AdminAPI provides a means for users with administrative access to perform administrative functions on the platform. Users with administrative access are:

  • Master Billing Entity administrators (administrators of the licensee who can administer all billing entities)
  • Other Billing Entity administrators (administrators of other billing entities, for instance resellers, who can only administer the Billing Entity to which they belong)

 Jade provides a SOAP interface to allow authenticated administrators to perform administrative functions only within the Billing Entities they are authorised to use. For instance, they can:

  • List, search for, create, delete, or modify customers or users;
  • List transactions performed by a particular customer, or perform those transactions on the customer's behalf; and
  • Create, modify or delete Product Offers within the system.

Jade's AdminAPI does not permit administrators to manipulate the virtual resources of customers directly. In order to manipulate customer resources, administrators should use the User API, authenticating as the administrator but passing the UsernameToken object set to the authentication username (the login username, a slash, and the customer UUID) of the customer concerned.

The child pages from this page contain a full list of all available API calls.

For more information on Jade, please see Introduction to Jade APIs including Flexiant Query Language (FQL)

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