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This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a powerful administration interface to deal with all realms of customer management. Some key points about the interface are detailed here.

  • Licensee / Master Billing Entity

A Licensee is the company that has licensed the software from Flexiant and is also usually the 'Master Billing Entity'. This allows them to have access to the Cluster Control Panel as well as access to all billing entities within the platform.

  • Billing Entity

As well as being an interface for the Licensee or Master Billing Entity, the Admin Control Panel is also available to Billing Entities if the Licensee wishes to provide it; these would normally be resellers of the platform. This interface allows the Billing Entity to perform all of their customer management activities directly without any overhead to the Licensee.

The Administration Control Panel contains a series of tabs. When you first login, you are automatically on the Admin Page.  This is the main Tab for managing resources within the platform.  There is also a Reports Page which has a series of reports about platform usage.


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