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This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator provides a complete end user interface for users to manage their accounts.

The UI can be highly customised, either by the Licensee or Billing Entity by being able to modify the following elements:

  • Graphics (including Logo)
  • Colour Branding, through CSS changes
  • Functionality, through a Custom Javascript file
Furthermore, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has the unique ability to allow each Biling Entity or even end user to customise their own look and feel if the Licensee or Billing Entity allows.  They can do this by editing the Tabs or Widgets that they use, to suit their requirements.

Apart from UI changes, Billing Entities can also customise the following:

In summary, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator allows you to configure and tune all of the customisations you need to suit your business.


Customising E-mails

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator sends a number of e-mails to customers at different parts of the customer lifecycle. The templates for all of these e-mails can be completely customised by each Billing Entity.
These are as follows:

  • Account Cancellation
  • Sending Invoice
  • Low Balance Warning
  • Zero Balance Warning
  • Auto-top up Failure
  • Reset Password Request
  • Reset Password Confirmation
  • Signup Activation E-Mail
  • Signup Manual Approval E-Mail
  • Standard E-Mail Footer
  • Standard E-Mail Headers

The following variables can be used within the e-mails where applicable:

  • {company_name}
  • {email_footer}
  • {invoice_number}
  • {activation_key}
  • {control_panel_url}
  • {password}
  • {cutoff_timeout}
  • {support_url}


Customising Product Offers

Creating and customising Product Offers per Billing Entity are performed from the Product Offers Widget in the Administration Control Panel.

Product Offers can be customised in a number of different ways, more details are available from Products and Product Offers and the Product Offers page explains how to manage these.




The language files for each billing entity can be specified, allowing most text strings within the User Control Panel to be translated into a different language, or customised to suit the customer base.



The tax rates can be customised to suit the particular needs of the country of operation.



Cloud Orchestrator allows Billing Entities, Customers & Users to configure their UI to suit their needs, by creating and modifying Tabs and Widgets.  Billing Entities can offer further customisation through branding options, and by using Javascript to modify the user interface.


For example, a Billing Entity may wish to 

  • Disable Edit Mode
  • Hide Billing Links
  • Predefine certain choices


Each billing entity can upload a custom javascript file, that will be automatically be loaded whenever any of their customers login to the UI, allowing them to make these changes.

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