This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has an API first policy.  Our API must do as much of the business logic and functionality as possible, and all other services must communicate via the APIs, not via database calls.

The good thing about that is it means that all the rich API functionality is available to you the developer.

We have two API's, one for end users which is the User API and one for Administrative functions for Billing Entities or Licensees of the platform.

An introduction to our APIs is available here

Flexiant Query Language

A unique offering of Cloud Orchestrator is the Flexiant Query Language (or FQL).  FQL allows you to perform structured queries against resources to easily allow you to track, report and manage the resources being used.

More information on FQL is available from Flexiant Query Language (FQL)

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