This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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Although Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can offer a fully fledged end to end solution, it also offers a number of ways to integrate with existing technology and business processes that a customer may already have.


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is almost entirely API driven, so although Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has powerful mature user interfaces, these use the underlying APIs to access the underlying platform. These APIs are also available to customers.

User API

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a powerful end user API that allows control of all user management tasks. This can be used by customers to integrate into their existing portal or by end users or third parties to build their own tools to integrate into a Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform directly.

Admin API

In a similar way to end users, Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator’s Admin API allows full programatic control of administrative functions, either for a billing entity/reseller or the licensee. It can also be used to integrate external billing systems. For more information, see the Billing page.

Cluster API

Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a resource manager known as XVPManager that controls the relationship between virtual machines, storage and networks in each cluster. This also has an API so can be used to build advanced functionality on top of the existing Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator platform if desired. Please contact support if you wish to know more about this.


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator has a complete multi currency billing system included, but if required it is possible to integrate external billing solutions on a per billing entity basis. Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator can be integrated with external billing solutions, and the Admin API can be used to provide the feedback loop from the external billing solution when accounts are updated.


Through the  API and various agents installed on to the management stack, it is possible to deeply integrate your existing monitoring solution with Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator, enabling you to monitor each stage of the platform including:

  • Number of virtual machines running.
  • RAM available per compute node, and per platform.
  • Load per compute node.
  • Platform capacity checks (overall available RAM etc).


Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator is capable of integrating into almost any external storage solution, subject to it having an appropriate command line interface/API and scalability capabilities. This can be from a standard direct attached storage array to a massively scalable SAN, purely depending on customer requirements.

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