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This documentation is for a previous version of Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. The most recent version is v5.0. For the most recent documentation please see here

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Amber consists of the three different graphical user interfaces to Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator. Each of these interfaces talks to its relevant services using standard web service technologies

Each of these interfaces authenticates using the same shared authentication system, with access to the administrative functions only being given to users with the appropriate permissions.  

  • Any active user can access the Customer Control Panel
  • Only Billing Entity Admins can access the Admin Control Panel
  • Only the Master Billing Entity Admins can access the Cluster Control Panel

Customer Control Panel

The Customer Control Panel provides end user functionality to manage their virtual resources. It provides a complete self service interface for all aspects of the service. It can be branded or white labelled as required. For more information, see Branding and White Labelling. Detailed information about using the customer control panel can be found in the Flexiant Cloud Orchestrator User Guide.

Admin Control Panel

The Admin Control Panel provides Licensees & Billing Entities Administrative access to manage their customers, billing and reporting.  Further details are available on the Admin Page page

Cluster Control Panel

The Cluster Control Panel provides Licensees with the ability to manage the network, compute and router nodes, and storage systems in a particular cluster.  Further details are available on the System Page page.

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